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What Does Lorem Ipsum Mean?

You may ask yourself: “Does lorem ipsum mean anything?” A short answer to that question is “No, it means nothing… and on purpose!” Because lorem ipsum, or lipsum lorem, or even lipsum in short, is a fake text that the printing and publishing industries use in order to replace text in a document when the real and final text is not yet ready. Therefore Lorem Ipsum looks similar to real text but is nothing but fake text for websites or various brochures. Lipsum lorem has therefore no real meaning.

What is Lipsum?

Lipsum is the abbreviation for “Lorem ipsum” and refers to the fake text used in the layout of printed documents and web design. This is also the name of our fake text generator which is available to anyone to generate Latin text with no real meaning for layout reasons. Lipsum Cafe is a lorem ipsum generator used by thousands of webdesigners for that reason: ease of use generating dummy text.

What is Lorem?

Lorem is a term used as an abbreviation for “Lorem ipsum”. As such, lorem is one of its many synonyms (lipsum ipsum, lipsum, ipsum, lipsum lorem, etc) and refers to a fake latin text used in the printing and web design industry.

Fake Text: Why?

Lorem ipsum is not meant to deceive any reader. It is used to ease the pain of web designers and workers in the printing industry. This latin fake text has not other goal than making it easier for web designers to set up the layout of pages.

Latin Filler Text: What for?

Lorem ipsum is a latin fake text used to ease the work or web designers and printing workers. This fake text is in latin because of a habit in these industries to use a text originally written by a statesman Cicero in the Ancient Rome. Lipsum text is a text that has been completely modified and does not mean anything in particular.

Why Lipsum.cafe?

Lipsum Cafe is a website that can be used as a lorem ipsum fake text generator and a tribute to Cicero (read on further down). Our text generator can create as many Latin text paragraphs as you want, in less time than it takes to sip your coffee! You can get high-quality lipsum text with no hidden words of links: click, copy and go. It’s that easy!

Who was Cicero?

Lipsum Cafe is a tribute to a brilliant man from the Roman Empire: Cicero. This famous man was a lawyer, a statesman and a philosopher. He wrote numerous books and essays, one of which served as the starting point for the fabulous story of lorem ipsum. Read on here to learn more about this story.

What is A Lorem Ipsum Generator?

A Lorem Ipsum generator is a text generator such as lipsum.cafe which gives visitors the possibility of copying several randomly generated paragraphs from a fake latin text such as lipsum text. Our lipsum generator is a tool that makes it easier for web designers to configure the layout of web pages.

What is fake text (or dummy text)?

A fake text is a text that professionals in the publishing and printing industries as well as today’s web designers frequently use to fill the space of a document. So is lipsum text: This fake latin text or filler text has no particular significance. So lorem ipsum is definitely a fake text coming from a text generator such as ours used in the web design and printing industries. It has no particular meaning.

What is bolo bolo (fake text too)?

The term “bolo bolo” (or simply “bolo”) designates a meaningless text, most often written in Latin or Greek but also in any other language, and composed of letters at random. Such a bolo bolo text is used to reserve the space of the final text of any document in order to have an overview of the final layout. This false text is used in the written press as well as on websites to allow viewing of the arrangement of the elements (titles, text blocks, images, highlights, captions, boxes …). The main difference between bolo bolo and lorem ipsum is that the lorem ipsum is a Latin text from Cicero whereas bolo bolo is a text 100% composed at random and not necessarily in Latin.

Limpsum? Lipsun?

We sometimes see words close to Lipsum but with very different spelling to designate the same word. This is the case with synonyms such as lipsum ipsum, lorem and words like limpsum or lipsun which appear here and there on the Internet. In reality, these words have actually the same meaning but they are written with spelling errors, probably because they were written hastily or by phonetics.

Where does Lorem Ipsum come from?

Lorem ipsum is a Latin text that comes from a book written by Cicero, a famous Roman politician, essayist and philosopher in Ancient Rome. The book written in 45 BC, is entitled “De finibus bonorum et malorum”. Its first words are: “Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet…”, which can be translated as follows: “There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain.”

In what language is Lorem Ipsum written?

Lorem ipsum is a fake text written in Latin or, more precisely, in pseudo-Latin.

How Lorem Ipsum Became Such a Standard?

The first ever source of Lorem Ipsum is an essay written by Cicero, a Roman statesman, lawyer and philosopher (born 106 BC). In the 16th century, a typographer had the idea of ​​using this essay as a filling text and turned it into nonsense. Since then Lorem Ipsum has been used in the publishing and printing industries and today by web designers. Such longevity for a dummy text is staggering and should be indirectly attributed to two men, Cicero, a brilliant Roman statesman and a clever but unknown typographer.

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